The 80s – Golden age of basketball

The world of basketball entered the slump in the 70s, but it was revived in the following decade. Basketball players that played in the 80s were mostly working men who went on the court as a hobby, and they became legends for that. Listing all influential players from this decade would be impossible because that was the time that saw dozens and dozens of legends. Those that could experience it live are the luckiest basketball fans of all time.

The greatest players in the world that played during the 80s

Some of the biggest players of the basketball played during this time, and Michael Jordan is one of the biggest of them all. Young people underestimate players that played in the past, and they compare them with stars that play in the present. That is preposterous because it’s futile to compare people like Jordan with modern players. Jordan averaged 28 points in his rookie league which is something that requires respect. In the end, how can you compare active players with a man that averaged 35/6/6 between 87 and 89?

Magic Johnson is also a name that everyone knows. He is deemed as the best point guard in the whole history of basketball and that in itself explains a lot. Lakers won three chips in seven years, and Johnson averaged 20 points during that time. This post isn’t large enough to list all of the achievements this legend has.
When you look at Larry Bird and compare him with other players, you would think that he had no place on the court. Well, his appearance fooled many as he played in nine All-stars and he has dozens of other achievements. He was always the slowest player on the court, and yet he was the best-assisting player, and he still scored from all positions (he even dunked every once in a while).
Other notable 80s basketball players
The professional career of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spanned over twenty seasons, and his greatest plays were seen in the 70s. But his signature move “skyhook” remained unbeatable in the 80s as well. Abdul-Jabbar was also an excellent defense player who is reflected in being the all-time leader in blocks at the moment of his retirement.
Dr. J aka Julius Erving is a legend that brought new things into basketball on the eve of the 70s and throughout the 80s. He was a great dunker, and the only person that could rival him in that was Jordan. Dr. J did things that very few players could copy and that earned him quite a lot of fame.

In honor of the sports legends

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