Best F1 Driver in the World

Lewis HamiltonA lot of people don’t consider F1 to be a sport and the drivers to be an athlete. They are wrong because F1 drivers are indeed athletes that compete against each other to become the best drivers in the world. The title of the Best Formula 1 driver goes to Lewis Hamilton without any doubts. Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula 1 racing driver that is racing for the Mercedes team.

What makes him the best formula one driver are his accomplishments such as being three times the Formula 1 World Champion. His first title was in 2008 with the McLaren team after that he changed teams to Mercedes and with them, he won 2 titles back to back in 2014 and 2015. He comes from a mixed background; his father was black and mother white. When he entered the Formula 1 team he was the first black driver in the history of the sport. He once said that his color is just an advantage for him because people are talking about that and that he understands that his color means a lot to the sport.

How Hamilton got Introduced to Racing

Hamilton story begins when his father bought him a remote-controlled car back in 1991. He immediately fell in love with cars and racing, he even entered a national BRCA championship next year and finished in second place against adults. His father realized that his son had a thing for cars and racing so he bought him a Go-kart for Christmas when he was only six years old.

He began competing and winning races in just two years after he got his first go-kart. One time he approached McLaren Formula 1 team leader Ron Dennis to get an autograph and then told him that one day he wants to race for them. From then on, he just kept racing and improving his driving skills to one day become a Formula 1 driver.

Lewis Hamilton2

F1 career

His career started in 2007 and he was racing for McLaren as he predicted at age of ten. In his first F1 season he manages to finish second in the 2007 F1 Championship only one point behind the much more experienced driver Kimi Raikkonen. The next season he became the youngest Formula 1 world champion. He was a part of McLaren team from 2007 all the way to 2012 when he decided to change teams and signed a three-year contract to drive for Mercedes in 2013. In the first year, he had good results but he didn’t win the formula one world championship.

In 2014 he dominated the entire season with the Mercedes team. He won many races one of them was the Grand Prix held in Russia and the president Vladimir Putin congratulated him personally on the victory. He became the World Champion at the Abu Dhabi grand Prix race. Hamilton managed to keep that title throughout 2015. Unfortunately, in 2016 he lost the title to Rosberg by just 5 points.