The Most Celebrated Sport Figure of 20th century

Cassius Clay Jr.Cassius Clay Jr. or how most people know him Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer who is regarded by many people to be the best boxer in the world. Believe it or not, he is the most celebrated sports figure of the 20th century. He was born and raised in Kentucky and began to train boxing at the age of 12. During his amateur boxing career, he won many awards, six Kentucky golden gloves, and 2 national titles. He participated in the 1960 summer Olympics and won a gold medal in the light heavyweight category. His amateur career finished with 100 wins and only 5 losses.

Start of Professional Career

He made his debut in 1960 in October with a win against Tunney Hunsaker. From then all the way to 1963, Ali had an outstanding professional boxing record of 19 wins and 0 losses. From those 19 wins, 15 were knockouts and one of his opponents in 1962 was his previous trainer who was the world light heavyweight champion for the longest period of time.

In 1964 Muhammad took a shot at the top contender at the time Sonny Liston. Ali was going into this match as the underdog, but that didn’t matter to him. He was always talking about him and calling him out, it was a strategy to break him before the match. In the third-round Ali managed to cut Liston’s eye, everyone was shocked because that was the first time someone did that to him.

Muhammad vs Sonny ListonAfter round four Mohammad was complaining in his corner that his eyes are burning and he is in pain. Many people think that it was due to an ointment that Liston was using on his gloves, also this wasn’t the first time that Liston’s opponent is complaining about his eyes. However, despite all of Liston’s efforts to knock him out, Ali was able to avoid the big hits and in the sixth round he was dominating him and Sonny did not answer the bell in the seventh round.

Muhammad was the winner by TKO and became the heavyweight champion at the age of just 22. Ali managed to keep his title all the way to 1967 when they took his title from him because he refused his army service. Due to refusal of the army service, his boxing license was also suspended, but shortly after only 3 years, he got the license back.

In 1974 Muhammad Ali got his championship title back when he successfully defeated George Foreman by a knockout. In 1978 he lost his title to Leon Spinks. Only two years later he decided to end his professional boxing career in 1980. Throughout his entire professional career, he had 56 wins, 37 of them were knockouts and 19 were by the decision with only 5 loses.