Cristiano Ronaldo – The Reason Why We Love Soccer!

Ronaldo is not just one of the most popular and recognized athletes in the world; he is also the highest-paid athlete that has managed to land contracts worth over $50 million a year as well as deals with Nike. Ronaldo has roughly 215 million social media followers, which makes him one of the hottest athletes in the world right now. What makes this athlete so great and popular find out in the text that follows.

Humble Beginnings

Cristiano Ronaldo was born to a family of a municipal gardener and a cook in Santo Antonio. Fun fact is that his second given name Ronaldo was given to him by the US President Ronald Regan, who was the favorite actor of Cristiano’s father. The youngest child in a family of modest and humble origin couple of decades later became the best-paid athlete in the world, but he still proudly states that he grew up in poverty, sharing the room with his siblings.

When he was 14 he was already a successful soccer player, who had the chance to play semi-professionally, so with his mother’s consent, he ceased his formal education to pursue a career in soccer. His dreams of becoming a professional soccer player could have come to an end when he was diagnosed with a racing heart condition, but he chose to undergo a laser surgery and returned to training days following the procedure.

The Way Ronaldo Plays Soccer

Ronaldo is a versatile soccer player that is capable of playing both centers of the pitch and either wing. He is also right-footed, but actually strong with both feet. In addition to that, we have developed tactical strategies which in a combination of being one of the world’s fastest soccer players make him one of the best soccer players in the world. Recognized for his dribbling and trick and feints, he has left his mark in the history of soccer. His musical physique allows him to dominate the field and dictate the possession of the ball. In addition to that, he is an amazing striker and an attacking midfielder; he is also a supporting forward and a goal scorer with an accurate penalty kick.

Ronaldo’s Personal Life

His personal life has been covered by many tabloids. However, all the bombastic headlines did not manage to undermine his more than successful career in soccer. In 2005 Ronaldo was accused of rape in London, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. He was also scrutinized for his consumption of alcohol in a night club, soon after he declared that he does not drink alcohol since his father died of an alcoholism-related disease. The identity of the mother of his child is not known, and even though Ronaldo dated a lot of famous models, there are still rumors circulating of him being a homosexual. Nonetheless, despite all the tabloid headlines, Ronaldo has proven to be a dedicated father and an amazing son, who donates blood several times a year.