Dave Castro, Coach Glassman and CrossFit influence

As a Director of a CrossFit Games and co-director of training Dave is involved with CrossFit story since 2006.  It all started actually from small talking with his friend Coach Glassman on his parent’s ranch. In relaxing walk around the property, they saw a huge space with a lot of potentials to make a great sports event with people around camping and having a big party. They called best people they knew from CrossFit community, and in July 2007 there it was first CrossFit Games. It was a lot of fun with 50-50 athletes and around 100 spectators, and nobody knew what is born and how big it will be.

Today Castro is the most recognizable face of the Crossfit events which represent smashing success with producing great results. It has an intense following in the world with lots of cons and pros. You may hear a lot of people from fitness world saying this is a punishing test of dominance through the great spectrum of outnumbering feats such as running, swimming, lifting heavy weights and rope climbing.

Dave Castro, Coach Glassman

Of course on this way of success and joy was a lot of painful and hard decisions that had to be made. But it was all to provide a great event how for athletes also for the fans. It is always one of the hardest parts of every business to please everyone, and it has shown it is impossible. Dave doesn’t regret a moment behind him. Results are saying everything, some people that want to be part of Crossfit world is just getting bigger and bigger.

Lost virtuosity

Priority is placed on competition and sport too early. There is just not enough effort to do competing well.  The bigger picture is on the way to be missed. Not that competing is bad, just contrary, it is very much respected to struggle and do your best. But the problem is people are more and more into trying over their heads to do something they aren’t capable of doing. Glassman started with the idea of fitness and virtuosity through healthy competition. Roots are there to be remembered.

Good and bad with CrossFit

Nothing has placed more hands on more barbells in past hundred years. This was a huge potential for boosting and development of strength training. And not only boosting training but also gave the fastest growing business opportunity in the fitness industry for gym owners and sport equipment companies. In all this crazy and fast-growing popularity CrossFit just didn’t have the time or it just wasn’t attractive enough to think about proper and healthy technique while doing any CrossFit activity. Consisted of many functional movements from gymnastics, rowing, running, swimming, weightlifting it was a great idea of perfect building of functional and healthy body. In all this race people forgot to think about a gracious, technical and healthy way of training.

For sure we may say CrossFit is very controversial, extreme and addictive world and as such makes great sense of community that is responsible for its rapid growing.