The Most Famous Boxer in 2017

Floyd Mayweather Jr.This title of the most famous boxer in 2016 we have to give to Floyd Mayweather Jr. even he has retired in 2015 from professional boxing he is still the most popular one. He was named the Greatest Boxer of all time in 2016 by ESPN, as well as the greatest welterweight of all time. Almost every news and media has ranked Floyd to be the best boxer in the world, pound for pound. When he was retiring, he finished with a record of 26 wins with 0 draws or losses in title fights. He surpassed every previous Pay per view attractions such as Mike Tyson, some people say he generated over $19.5 million in pay per views throughout his entire career.

Amateur Career

He had an outstanding amateur career record of 84 wins and 6 loses. Mayweather has won the national golden gloves championships three times (1993, 1994, 1996). His nickname was “Pretty Boy”, he got that from his teammates because his face was rarely touched and for being a boxer he didn’t have scars. That was due to his incredible defensive techniques that he learned from his father.

Professional career

Floyd Mayweather fought his first professional match in 1996 against Roberto Apodaca. Floyd managed to knock him out in the second round. Even in his amateur career, he was known to knock out opponents and this was expected from him. Many commentators and media have said that there are only a few kids that are maybe more talented than Floyd. When he would defeat a very experienced and good opponent, they are usually surprised with his speed and precision.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Diego CorralesOne of the more memorable fights he faced the former super-featherweight champion Diego Corrales who had at that time 33-win streak with 27 of them being KOs. Neither of them has lost a professional fight before and because of that, both were nervous. Both of them were 23 years old at the time but Corrales had some advantages over Floyd like in height and in reach. However, Mayweather managed to win every single round and to knock him out 5 times. The fifth time he knocked him out Diego’s corner man called a stop to the match.

Throughout the fight, Corrales landed only 60 punches oppose to Mayweather who landed 220. After this fight, Mayweather had few more fights as a featherweight before moving into the lightweight category. Immediately when he moved to lightweight he took on the world boxing council champion Jose Castillo. The fight went on 12 rounds and the winner was decided by unanimous decision. Floyd has won this fight too, they were fighting at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in front of 7,000 people.

After that, Mayweather has been moving in between categories such as lightweight, welterweight, light welterweight and light middleweight. In total, he has 49 professional wins and 0 losses. Of those 49 wins, 26 are by knockout and 23 are by decision. We can just hope that he will eventually return to the ring for at least one more fight.