The Fastest Man Alive

Have you ever wondered who is the fastest person in the world and how exactly fast he is? Well if you did and you want to know the answer you are in the right place because here we will be talking about the fastest man alive Usain Bolt!

His Early Years

He is from Jamaica and he was born in 1986. He grew up with his parents, brother, and sister. Even as a kid he loved sports, usually he would play football and cricket with his brother. He discovered his sprint potential in primary school. By the time he entered high school, he was already known to be extremely fast. He started to focus even more on sports and dedicated his free time to running. McNeil became his coach after people started pointing out his incredible speed. After some quick training and advice, he entered some competitions to represent Jamaica. In 2001 at the CARIFTA games he won two silver medals one for 200 m and one for 400 m. P. J. Patterson saw the potential in Usain Bolt and he decided to move him to the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association where he will be provided with quality coaches and proper training.

Usein Bolt Run

His Rise

Usein Bolt Winning GoldIn 2002, World Junior Championship was held in Jamaica and that gave him the chance to prove himself. At the age of 16, he won the gold medal for 200m and became the youngest athlete to own a gold medal. After that he just continued with winning races, in 2003 he managed to win 4 gold medals and he was also rewarded with a trophy for being the most outstanding athlete in the championship. In that year, he set a championship record for 200 m sprints with the time of 20.40 s. With the training he got, his speed was increased significantly. He managed to beat his previous records by almost one whole second.

His professional career started in 2004 with new coach Fitz Coleman. He began with breaking his record at CARIFTA games in the 200-m sprint with a remarkable time of 19.93 s. He was awarded again with the trophy for the most outstanding athlete. Sadly, he injured his hamstring and was unable to compete at the 2004 World Junior Championship but despite his injury, he was chosen to be a part of the Jamaican Olympic squad in 2004.

He went on Olympics with a lot of confidence but that was not enough because he could not fully perform due to his hamstring injury. Sadly, he was eliminated in the first round with a time of 21.05 s. The year of 2007 was the real turning point for Bolt, his desire to run was boosted and he took running more serious. He started to develop his 100-m time, his coach had real confidence in him that he can deliver even more. As time went by Bolt only improved, in 2009 he set a world record for 100 m sprints with the time of 9.58 s