Golden signature in the floor routine – Story behind Simone Biles

She claims 19 Olympic and World Championship medals while being (only) 20 years old. She’s African – American girl, with a troubled childhood, a youth marked by struggling and commitment and the promising future. Either way, she has already earned her place in the history of the sport. Simone Biles is America’s top gymnasts, but her global reputation of the new gymnast’s dominant champion had long overcome her reputation on the USA terrain. Especially after her breath-taking appearance in the USA Olympic girl team called “The Final Five”. The life story of this amazing girl and athlete is one of those widely inspiring stories with potential to motivate young people heading towards professional sport.

Tough starting point

It’s probably that sad life rule-proving that tough obstacles only makes us stronger and force to push our limits until we reach the heights we’ve never expected to reach. Simone was Born in Ohio in 1997, and she wasn’t a carefree child whose parents decided to give her into gymnastic due to the noble side of this sport and supporting of a healthy spirit. Simone’s mother was struggling with substance abuse for years, leaving Simone and her sister to grandmother and grandfather who have eventually adopted them.

Growing up in the relatively tough material situation, without the actual parents’ support, Simone was leaning on her grandparents and fortunately got all the support from them. Surprisingly, stepping into the world of gymnastic occurred accidentally. Simone visited gymnastics center with her daycare group and expressed her delight. She imitated other athletes who practiced around her and the present coach spotted her talent and extraordinary abilities immediately. She was just a talented kid when called to join the local team of athletes and train.

First, we take the USA…

Biles entered the world of gymnastic competitions a decade ago, and she has been climbing her way to elite levels ever since. By 2011. She took the top medals in all the valid junior competitions, scoring especially high in vault and floor routines, with minor weak spots when it comes to the balance beam. This girl won impressive series of competitions in a row without losing the quality in her appearances. Soon enough she was recognized as the quality for the senior elite league and 2013. the year proved her as the future global sports star.

She has become the first female African-American gymnast who won gold in all-around at the World Championship. She continued to pick golden medals at various competitions, to give amazing performances that impressed gymnastic lovers and professionals and finally reached her top at the USA terrain in 2015. She became the first woman to win third world all-around medal in a row. Once she took this 10th international gold medal, her global reputation burst.

Proving dominance with “The Final Five.”

In summer 2016, Biles led female gymnastics USA team to Olympic Games in Rio and scored historical results in all aspects. Her performances were memorable due to the quality of routines, the precision, force and unique elements. One of the signature moves became her recognizable double layout with a half-twist often inserted into the floor routines. These Olympic Games are the last one with five girls in the team since Marta is leaving after this season. Thus the team called themselves “The Final Five.” However, Biles amazing results certainly contributed to becoming the third American female gymnastic team to win gold here.