Healthy diet when doing sports

When we talk about healthy diets, there are thousands of combinations and thousands of things out there to try out to achieve best results. Our advice is simple. Eat everything that you can find in nature. If you can’t find it in nature or you can’t mix natural ingredients to create that food, then it is not your food. For example, people will usually ask about the chemical proteins in their diet. They say that companies always stress out that their products are safe to consume. Or are they? Why do you have to drink a lot of water to remove the excess of that substance in order not to damage your kidneys? If it is healthy, then it won’t be a problem to keep it in your body. This is the catch. You can still have great results with natural food.

When choosing your food and your diet, you need to make sure that it is organic food. You don’t want chemicals and pesticide on your food. There are numerous diets for people who are doing sports. Keep in mind that you will need a lot of protein for your muscles to get large and regenerate. You will need a lot of carbs to have a lot of energy. When we say carbs, we don’t mean unhealthy variants like white sugar and stuff like that. You can get healthy carbs out of grains, legumes, and fruit. This sugar is not bad if you are spending a lot of energy on your workout or your training. These are healthy carbs, and they are usually in the combination of vitamins and minerals. In conjunction with a lot of natural fiber in that food, you will have all that you need for results.

Healthy Fats

When people think about fats, they usually say that they are bad for you. Natural fats are good for your health; in fact, they are necessary for your body. Recent studies have shown that you can eat eggs as much as you want. Cholesterol is not the killer. Cholesterol is needed to repair your blood vessels. You can eat as much meat and fat you want. But keep in mind that processed fats and oils are dangerous! You can eat animal fat, butter, eggs. They are good for your health. But processed oils like sunflower, peanut, and many other oils that are industrially made are not good. You can use olive oil which is good even for frying. You can use palm oil and coconut oil. They are all good oils. Our advice is to cook and boil, not fry! Frying is the worst example of food preparation.


If you want to have results, you need to have a good diet, a healthy diet. You can’t have resulted if you eat Trans fats that are vegetable oils heated up to high digresses. You shouldn’t eat margarine because it is a killer. Its natural food because it is the only safe option.