The Highest Paid Athlete

The most recognizable athletes in the whole world are most likely the football players (Soccer). They are dominating the list of highest paid athletes. The first two highest paid athletes are in fact football players, but we will now be talking just about the number one ranked athlete on the highest paid list of 2016. If you still haven’t figured it out who are we talking about then you are probably not a huge football fan. The Highest paid athlete is the football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano RonaldoMost likely you have heard the name Cristiano Ronaldo somewhere before, it is hard not to because he is known for being the greatest football players of all time. In 2015 the Portuguese Football Federation has named Cristiano the best Portuguese football (soccer) player of all time. Other than being just the highest paid athlete he is also the world’s most famous one. To learn how did he achieve all that glory and fame, you first must know his story, how it all began.

Early Life

His life has begun in San Antonio where he spent first 12 years of his life. He was raised in a household with one older brother and two older sisters. His father idea was to name him Ronaldo after his favorite actor Ronald Reagan. He started playing football at an early age, when he was 12 he was signed with Sporting CP and because of that, he needed to move to Alcochete.

Two years after he decided that he want to pursue his football career and leave education to focus even more on football. At age of 15 sadly he was diagnosed with a condition called the racing heart, he was scared that his dreams of becoming a professional football player might not come true due to that condition. Luckily, he underwent a laser operation and after few days he continued to train.

His Career

Sporting – UnitedUntil 2002 he was playing for some smaller teams mostly for Sporting. Then in 2003, he got recognized for his skills in a Sporting – United match when they defeated the United team 3-1. Ferguson and the players were impressed with his performance and decided to sign him. In English football history, he was the most expensive teenager at the time. The transfer of Ronaldo was around £12 million.

He was not a disappointment to the club, he performed even better in Manchester. His games were on point and more people started to recognize his talent. In 2009 he signed a transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid for $132 million.

He holds some of the most bizarre records such as the most goals scored in single UEFA Champion League season. As time went by he just became more famous and more valuable. He is the fastest football player that successfully scored 200 goals in La Liga. He is truly one of the best football players in the world, the only one who can maybe surpass him is Lionel Messi. His salary is around $56 million.