Life stories of these athletes to keep you strong and inspired

When the road gets too tough, and the quitting isn’t the option, you’re going to need just a little bit of support, inspiration and reminding that you are stronger than you think. This mental maneuvering is what every successful athlete is familiar with. It is exactly how many of them overcome hard training, a lot of sacrifice, tough everyday discipline, winnings and failures, risks, challenges and all of it combined with regular issues of the private life. The average life story of every successful athlete is a role model that promotes motivation, persistence, strength, self-confidence and resistance whenever faced with challenges and failures. It is a sort of life lesson to all of us. Here are some exquisitely impressive life stories of athletes that picture this model intensively. Keep these in mind every time you consider giving up.

The story of Kieran Behan

How many severe setbacks on your road can you overcome and not give up? The story about Kieran Behan, famous gymnast is the story of a true athlete’s spirit, the spirit worth the Olympics. Kieran was passionately into gymnastics and determined to hit great success as a professional athlete. Kieran was, also, ten years old when a massive cancer was removed from his leg, leaving him in a wheelchair for a year and a half. The prognosis went from recovering enough to function on a daily basis in a common life routine to not being able to walk ever again. Kieran headed for a gym in spite of all expectations. Unfortunately, damaged leg lead him to another awful tragedy. The fall from high bar resulted in severe head trauma and three more years of painful recovery.

After a long process of regeneration and recovering, Kieran returned to gymnastic and passionate training. After being selected for the EU Championship, he faced a knee injury, and that setback was almost enough to defeat his spirit and force him to give up. These are all the extreme personal fights he remembered vividly back in 2012. In London when he qualified for Olympics or when he won Challenge World Cup floor in 2011.

The Great Ali

Whoever was the one who stole a bike to 12 years old Muhammad Ali might have stolen his bike, but has done him a great favor by inspiring Ali to learn boxing. He was determined to fight injustice. To talk about all the great fights, faced and overcome challenges in sports career and private life equally, or to praise the importance of the famous Muhammad Ali seems to be pointing out the obvious. However, Ali’s life story teaches another significant lesson. The greatest risk is not to take any risks at all. Ali was the perfect example of wise calculations supported by strength and courage to take risks. This mental set enabled him to avoid a typical mistake many of us make – to fail out of the fear of failing. To be too precautious and to overwhelmed himself with perfectionism so much to miss everything less than the greatest.

Space Jam life lesson

What glorious Michael Jordan was doing is something that would probably defeat emotionally all of us. He had a twisted habit of actual counting all of his defeats. Three hundred lost games and 26 times failed to take the game winning shot. It’s amazing to see this approach to the losses and failures behind a player considered to be the greatest basketball player ever. His explanation was simple: Turn your failures into motivation to jump higher and try harder at the next opportunity.