Ronaldinho The Forgotten Star

RonaldinhoIt feels like it was only yesterday when we were amazed by the beautiful goals and fantastic plays of the football star Ronaldo de Assis Moreira or better known as Ronaldinho. At one point of his career had all the football (soccer) fan eyes on him, but suddenly he disappeared and nobody was talking about him anymore. There are several questions that people are asking like where is he now? Did he retire? We have gathered some information about his whereabouts and what he is up to lately.

Though he might have slightly disappeared from the bigger clubs like AC Milan or FC Barcelona where he played in the past, he is actually still in the sport playing football. Simply because the teams he plays for now aren’t so popular due to that, the media isn’t paying attention to him anymore. The team he was playing for after he left the big clubs was the Flamengo FC a Brazilian team. Throughout these years that he played for “unknown” teams his value has significantly dropped. The reason for that is because he lost his peak condition and stamina, after all, he is 36 years old.

Leaving the Top Teams

When he left Barcelona, everyone was shocked, people didn’t expect it to happen. People also were confused why did he left, some of them were saying that it was due to his age and some that it happened because of the new manager Barcelona got. They sold him to AC Milan for the half of his original value. He was performing well in Milan after he regained his condition and scored 29 goals in 3 seasons.

FC BarcelonaThen he signed a contract with Flamengo FC where he played only one year after that he signed for some other team. In late 2016 he became the Club Ambassador for FC Barcelona. He was playing for his national team Brazil from 1999 to 2013 and throughout those years he played a total of 97 games and scored 33 goals for Brazil.

In 2004 and 2005 he won the FIFA World Player of the Year title and award. He gained his reputation while he was playing for Barcelona in La Liga and UEFA Champion League. Once he was offered a chance to play for Barcelona for 9 years, if he had signed that contract he would have played until 2014. But Ronaldinho turned that offer down and signed a 2 year only contract with them. In the summer of 2008, he again turned down a contract, this time from Manchester City that was worth £25 million but he accepted the £5 million contract from AC Milan.