Star athletes and their strange superstitions

There’s no doubt that, in spite of all the hard work, commitment, training, skills and talent, some sports results truly are due to a touch of pure luck. It is probably why too many athletes are superstitious and nurse various weird rituals and habits before facing the game. Here are some of the most interesting and famous trivia on the matter found among some of the historically significant athletes.

Set it straight, or I won’t play

The name of David Beckham is familiar even to those totally unfamiliar with sports, especially football. Beckham is a football star of modern football leagues, mostly praised as ex-player of Manchester United and the captain of England team. David Beckham possesses hundreds of medals and trophies, but he also possesses obsessive compulsive disorder. It leads to awkward rituals in various aspects of his life, including everything from rearranging fridge, hotel rooms and shelves anywhere he goes, to matching things the way his mind prefers even it means being late for the game. Things have to be in a straight line and paired, or David feels he’ll lack luck and cause losing of the game.

Liverpool player and his “mental machinery.”

Another famous name among football players is David James, the star of Watford and Liverpool. Many also remember his modeling for Armani. From the outside, everything fits into a typical life of a star with a little extravagancy here and there. However, a night before any game, James had to conduct his twisted little charming ritual that he believed influences luck and conditions and the final result of the game. The ritual included complete silence for a day. James would stop talking a night before the game, look for a urinal and spit against the wall in the toilet. Without any reasonable explanation for this sick behavior, James truly believes that completion of this ritual contributes to his sports success a big time.

Careful with those rituals, Eugene

Jason Terry is a famous name in USA basketball world, also known as Jet or Eugene, which is his middle name. He’s famous for his sports results and successes, but also for his strange preparations for each game. Eugene is a man with a wide range of strange superstitious rituals. The most frequent one is wearing opponents kit a night before a game. Another one includes wearing high socks and changing his footwear during the game if his team is losing. His meal a night before each game has to include chicken or Terry is convinced something won’t go right and the luck won’t be on his side.

There are weirdos in tennis too

Bjorn Borg is a legendary name in the world of tennis, and his scores and successes are still out of reach for most tennis players. With eleven Grand Slam single titles, five Wimbledon’s and six French Open singles, Borg has set some pretty impressive records in tennis history. If you ask Borg, a big share of this success is due to his lucky beard and lucky Fila shirt. Namely, the glorious player had a ritual of growing beard before Wimbledon fortnight and wearing the same lucky shirt during the competition. These features have certainly given him a memorable cool outfit and influenced the other players’ self-confidence, but they hardly had anything to do with the actual results.