How Swimming Came Naturally For Michael Phelps

Discovering more about our and world’s most famous athletes, today we will be telling you a little bit more about Michael Phelps. This incredible man has managed to set many records when it comes to swimming but to find out more about what he is really like continue reading.

A Little Bit Of Biography

Michael Fred Phelps II was born on June 30, 1985, in Baltimore Maryland, and he was raised in Towson. He is the youngest of three children of a retired Maryland State Trooper and a middle school principle. His father, also named Michael Fred Phelps played football throughout high school and college, and he even tried to get on the Washington Redskins team back in the ‘70s so that Phelps junior can thank his dad for his athletic aspirations and affinities. As for the swimming career, it all began in 1992 when the seven-year-old Phelps began his first swimming lessons. The initial reason for his swimming practice was that his mom wanted him to learn to swim and eventually he fell in love with the sport.

Even the fact that he as just in the sixth grade when he was diagnosed with ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder did not stand in the way of his very successful athletic career. By the age of 10, he managed to break the national record in the 100-meter butterfly in his age group of course. Around the same time, he began to train with the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, with his coach Bob Bowman. Phelps is still the holder of 12 age group records in both long and short course.

Retirement And Comebacks Are His Things

The first time Phelps retired it was just after the 2012 Olympics. The star athlete then claimed he wanted to be done with the sport and did not want anything to do with it anymore. Luckily for all his fans and admirers, this did not last long, and in April 2014 we witnessed his comeback. The preps for London 2012 also brought down not just Phelps enthusiasm for the sport, but his professional relationship with coach Bob Bowman as well. His long term coach insisted on results, while Phelps wanted to train for himself and enjoy the journey.

However, during the break, Phelps brought about some changes in his exercise routine and eating regiment, which has given him the motivation to continue doing the sport he was so remarkable at. Reportedly Phelps admitted that doing longer post swim ice baths and scaling down the calorie intake made him more enthusiastic about the sport. He also said in 2016 that even despite age he felt more physically stronger in the water, which was the result of the drills his trainer Bowman added to his workouts in the pool. We certainly hope that Phelps will not retire anytime soon, and if he does we hope that he surprises us with a comeback each time!