Tennis Ace From A Small Country In The Balkans Conquers The World

There probably isn’t a household in the world that has not heard the name Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis player has managed to get to the very top of the white sport and stay there for longer periods of time. Even though he is not currently at the top, we expect his personality will soon prevail and that he will make a significant comeback. Read more about how this simple boy with huge aspirations managed to get to the top of such a competitive sport.

From The Wars And Swimming Pools To Wimbledon

The 1990s in the Balkans were not a particularly great era to bring up children, which did not stop Djokovic’s parents from having three lovely boys. Novak, who was born May 22, 1987, is the eldest and remembers how growing up in Serbia was particularly challenging for a young aspiring athlete. Nowadays, he is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but back in the day, he could not even afford to practice in a tennis court.

Instead, he kept his game up by practicing in an abandoned swimming pool. Djokovic won 31 consecutive ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Series matches, but also many other medals and awards as well. Currently, Djokovic with his family resides in Monte Carlo, which also means that this young athlete speaks many languages as well. He even describes himself as a language fan and enthusiast as he speaks English, French, German, Italian and his native language Serbian.

The Love Affair Of A Life Time

His wife Jelena Djokovic, (born Jelena Ristic) is also famous in the tabloids, but she has been kind of responsible for his success as well. Their love began back in 2005 when Djokovic and Jelena were in high school and in July 2014 the couple got married and soon after they welcomed their first child. His steady love life was one of the reasons why his career has been so uninterrupted and successful.

Where Is He Now?

The year 2017 for Djokovic was not entirely successful regarding tennis. Even though in January he managed to defeat the current world number one Andy Murrey in just three sets, he was defeated by world number 117 Denis Istomin from Uzbekistan not soon after. This instance is particularly important because this is the first time that Djokovic did not qualify for the quarterfinals at the Australian Open, but also for the first time, he lost a match to a player ranked outside of the top 100 players in a Grand Slam tournament.

March and February brought more lost games, as he found himself eliminated by Nick Kyrgios and David Goffin. We keep our fingers crossed for Djokovic and hope that he will soon restore his game and get to his former glory. This incredible athlete and tennis player have managed to keep his game for years, so even though currently he is on a losing streak, hopefully, he will find his way to the top very soon.